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Jackie Anderson

In her work, Jackie Anderson dispenses with the traditional relationship in portraiture between the artist and the subject - her subjects are caught unaware, absorbed in their own thoughts.
A - N Magazine April 2007.

Martin brent

"I seek the decisive moment, fragments of time, the lost moment. I am fascinated by the scenes and events that occur unnoticed, things at the periphery of our vision, the spaces we pass through and events that we pass by, The in Between places if you will." Martin Brent

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Nathan Ford

“Out of the studio I very rarely lose control, but inside the paintings I am on a knife edge between control and oblivion”. Nathan Ford.


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one once we grow 
up. - Picasso

GreyHope has an uncertain future... but for now there are some great new works coming out of this camp. I for one am here to catch it and enjoy the ride while I can. - Nathan Ford

Alex Kanevsky

Alex Kanevsky holds a firm belief that paintings should speak for themselves. Any verbal communication on the subject is inadequate by definition and should be avoided at all cost as it may be misleading.

Chris May

"Chris May's paintings and drawings are based almost exclusively upon isolated heads and figures. He remains continually fascinated with exploring / exploiting the endless possibilities and qualities of paint and charcoal."

douglas mcdougall

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Koji shiraya


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Richard Sweeney

"I absorb influence from a vast number of sources, taking elements from both the natural and man-made world. I am intrigued by the principles of growth that dictate the morphology of organic structures."- Richard Sweeney

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